UniLink makes it easy to set up, work with, and manage your e-invoicing accounts.

An affordable, predictable subscription

Become a UniLink universal EDI subscriber with a one-time, low cost, fixed fee to establish a universal link and your first document type. Then, pay only when you use the service. Per-transaction rates are very economical, with high-volume discounts available.

The information you need, when you need it

UniLink keeps a log of each document sent and received on your account. If the system detects an event that you need to be aware of, it sends an immediate notification by email or text message. The UniLink customer portal also offers you convenient, secure, anytime access to check a transaction's status or view other account details.

New trading partner opportunities

When you want to exchange paperless documents with a new business, UniLink acts as your ambassador. We contact your trading partner to highlight the mutual benefits of electronic document exchange and encourage them to link to your e-invoicing network.

Document Waiting Room

The UniLink service can react to unpredictable connectivity issues. If you try to send an electronic document at a time when your linked trading partner is unable to receive it, UniLink will hold on to the submission while continuously monitoring the recipient's availability. As soon as the partner reestablishes active communication, UniLink delivers your document.

Delivery Assurance

Delivery Assurance from UniLink protects your business against catastrophic data loss. Any system has the potential to fail, so when the unexpected happens, UniLink automatically selects and deploys a recovery plan. The process might involve persistent messaging, automated end-to-end recovery, or checkpoint-based restart to recover your business-critical data. After the recovery, your business saves time and resources by not having to re-transmit or re-process data.

Message Integrity Technology

In electronic document delivery, security is paramount. UniLink employs mutual authentication to verify that both the sender and receiver are legitimate partners, along with encryption to ensure that only they can read the transmitted data. Once the document is securely delivered, it's checked to make sure the message was not altered in transit. Using public key technology, UniLink confirms that the contents of the received file are an exact match for the sent file.