The advanced technical features of UniLink universal EDI help your business make a smooth transition to e-invoicing and provide you with instant visibility into your accounting data.

iStock_000012538557_Large2.pngSystem-Friendly Integration

We designed UniLink universal EDI with the flexibility needed to integrate seamlessly with both custom and packaged software. UniLink allows you to select the format and protocol combination you prefer, and then uses integration points to capture, map, translate, and transmit paperless documents invisibly.


Traffic.pngSmart Traffic Control

UniLink conserves your network bandwidth by compressing every document that we transport. UniLink allows parallel transport, utilizing multiple "lanes" in one "road." If there is heavy traffic, UniLink will find the best route with which to deliver your document. This lessens the burden on your network, and results in faster overall performance.


History.png Activity History

UniLink provides your business with an extensive and detailed history of document exchange activities. The service creates a log of all events and can send automatic email or text notifications for you to quickly analyze or respond to an activity.

DocLock.png Document Vault

When a linked trading partner sends you a document, UniLink saves a human-readable version in an archive. You can then access this version for your reference at any time.